Saturday, March 30, 2019

Trees Can Kill You

Buncefield Bomb Garden
[Image: The Buncefield explosion, via the BBC].
In one of the more interesting landscape design stories I’ve read this year, New Scientist reported back in March that the massive, December 2005 explosion at a fuel-storage depot called Buncefield in England, might have been strongly assisted by the site’s landscaping.

“A few years ago no one would have predicted that a row of trees and shrubs could make the difference between a serious fire and a catastrophic explosion,” the magazine suggests. But now, it’s becoming a reasonably accepted notion that the physical layout of the Buncefield site’s plantlife—from the “shrubs and small trees” down to their individual “twigs and branches”—can work to contain and concentrate, and, worse, add explosive surface area to what would otherwise have simply been a gas leak....MORE 
Capability Brown call your office, you missed a trick.
HT: the author's more recent post, "Computational Landscape Architecture".