Thursday, March 21, 2019

Just How Big Is Izabella Kaminska's Family?

There are 69 comments on the last post penned by Ms Kaminska.
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  • TT 2 hours ago
Izabella Kaminska's insight, research and thought is excellent. Probably the single biggest reason I read the FT. Her Alphachat podscasts are impressive as well.

  • Andreas 7 hours ago
Excellent article. I’m worried about the public health implications of this as well....

Now this is the type of material I expect from the FT.
Excellent piece. Should be a Big Read in the main FT.
Fantastic and informative article, thank you. In my naivety I had no inkling that this was going on
Such a good read! And equally interesting comments and discussion.
One of the best pieces of investigative journalism I’ve seen in ages...
That first one has to be her dad.

I don't think I've ever seen anything like this.

Calm down people! She's a journalist, not Saint Mother Teresa. Try to exhibit the same restraint we showed when Izabella testified before Parliament:

Izzy came back for a special Markets Live production:
Join us for Kaminska Live at 3pm, a Parliament TV watching party
And apparently wowed the critics:

"Kaminska, a master of any medium she chooses... Alphaville's livestream will be a case study of the craft."
"FT Alphaville has a lot under the hood, tight and fast".

"Kaminska Live-It's a smash, number one with a bullet!"

"FT Alphaville's Live Blog of Kaminska et al. is intelligent; To use a tired cliché, a must read."

"Mere months into her tenure, the team Kaminska has fielded is redefining what a business blog should be."
Seriously, we are fans - and kudos to the FT/Alphaville staff. Here's

And the post the commenters were raving about?