Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Questions Americans Are Asking: What Size Are Matthew Klein's Shoes?

From Dan McCrum at FT Alphaville:
And from Katherine Bell:
The writer is Editor-in-Chief of Barron's Online:

Barron's probably thought they were getting expert commentary on central banking, which they are, but they are also getting so much more. Here are a few Klein von Alphaville posts we've linked to over the years:

Aaarrrggghhh: I Can't Get Matthew Klein's Song Out Of My Head
Leaving the office after posting "Pray For FT Alphaville's Matthew Klein" I found myself humming Jingle Bells à la Klein:
Rolling down the curve
With my Eurodollar strips
Making tons of money
‘til the Fed hikes 50 bps!
And again this morning.

I'm losin' it, man.

The last time this happened to me it was a William Shakespeare pastiche.
Of the Bard doing the Hokey Pokey.

So as one of the greats, "The Bruce Dickinson" says:
"Guess what? I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!"
Via A Way With Words:....MORE 
Investment Banks As Marxist Paradise
I think I could learn to like this young Matthew Klein fellow....

Ooh, ooh: Matthew Klein on New York Fed Head Calling For More Cashout Refi
Expanding on and contextualizing Monday's "New York Fed Chief Dudley Has An Idea — Homeowners Should Tap Into Equity".
In Which FT Alphaville's Matthew Klein Flexes His Clickbait Muscles

And many more. Use the search blog box if interested.

And here is Mr. McCrum's Position Available advert:
FT Alphaville is hiring!