Tuesday, December 26, 2017

"How’s Whitney Tilson Doing? Fine, GREAT, Actually, I Mean I Haven’t Slept In Weeks But I Feel Incredible, Seriously, Who Needs Sleep? Also Are My Eyes Twitching? "

From DealBreaker:
The last time we heard from Whitney Tilson he was waving a tearful goodbye to the business of managing other people’s money in order to focus on more stimulative and enriching life experiences. The goal, Tilson wrote in his farewell letter to investors, was “to find opportunities that are personally interesting, give me the chance to collaborate with great people, and are sufficiently remunerative.”

It should be no surprise that Tilson’s search for a pursuit that is interesting, collaborative and remunerative led him to dabble in seminar management, with the Kase Advanced Seminar on Value Investing and Hedge Fund Entrepreneurship. What is surprising is that Tilson’s career switch has also allowed him to dabble in acute sleep deprivation and manic Powerpoint-based cries for help, as evidenced by the former hedge funder’s recently published slide deck, My Experience With Extreme Sleep Deprivation.

Though Tilson spent decades at the intense and invigorating work of investing (and sometimes losing) investor money – alongside occasional forays intotelevision appearances, blogging/writing, and public speaking – he didn’t feel the iron grip of stress-induced madness until he was teaching a course for a dozen-odd hedgies and aspiring hedgies. The seminar ran 8:15 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily, leaving him only the wee hours of the morning to diligently plan (read: feverishly scrawl) the next day’s agenda, a process that looked something like this:...MORE