Thursday, December 21, 2017

Hmmmm...Apparently Charles Dickens Had Financial Times Design Sensibilities

From Marketplace's "'A Christmas Carol' was supposed to be Dickens' moneymaker":
...While Dickens did create it to make money, he didn't, ironically, make money in the moment because he wanted "A Christmas Carol," the book, to be a beautiful book; the salmon colored cloths and colored etchings and gold at the edge of every page... 
The cover has faded to more of a dark salmon/pinkish brown but the frontispiece and Title Page scream FT:

"I would love to sell these books this Christmas, but even if not I still enjoy showing off what are perhaps the best-quality images of A Christmas Carol on the internet!"

I'm attempting to color this post RGB 255-160-122 but it's not happening.