Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Journal Peer Review Process, Illustrated

From Digitopoly:

News from Management Science (Business Strategy)
I recently took over from Bruno Cassiman as the Department Editor for the Business Strategy section at Management Science. This seemed like a good opportunity to reflect on some changes being made — that is, implementing some of the ideas in Scholarly Publishing and its Discontents — as well as some things I have learned that may assist you if you are thinking of submitting here.

Expanded Editorial Board
At Management Science, referee selection and the main decision are handled by Associate Editors. I wanted to expand that board for Business Strategy and was fortunate to find many people willing to serve. Here is the new board.

Juan Alcácer, Harvard University
Kevin Boudreau, Northeastern University
Jennifer Brown, University of British Columbia
Meghan Busse, Northwestern University
Leemore Dafny, Harvard University
Andrea Fosfuri, Bocconi University
Maria Guadalupe, INSEAD
Neil Gandal, Tel Aviv University
Mara Lederman, University of Toronto
Hong Luo, Harvard University
Fiona Murray, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Evan Rawley, University of Minnesota
Michael Ryall, University of Toronto
Rachelle Sampson, University of Maryland, College Park
Timothy Simcoe, Boston University
Catherine Thomas, London School of Economics
Rosemarie Ziedonis, Boston University

New Editorial Statement
There has been much concern about whether top journals are taking sufficient risks. So I wanted the editorial statement to reflect a weighting of ‘scientific impact’ more than ‘immediate managerial application.’...MORE
...Your best bet not to get desk rejected is to state in a cover letter what your contribution to business strategy is, taking into account what has been written in the editorial statement. Also, don’t have titles with more than 4 buzz words. Believe it or not, it happens alot and ‘atell’ for me.

Second, we are going to aim for one round of revisions. Sometimes this can go for many rounds. The goal is to have the second revision be a straight up or down, accept/reject decision....