Friday, August 25, 2017

"Taxis are now cheaper than Uber in Hong Kong"

Following up on Wednesday's Ahead of this Week's Uber Earnings (loss) Report, A Serious Question: "What is the true cost of an Uber ride?".
From Reuters:

Uber raises Hong Kong fares amid legal tangles
Uber Technologies Inc UBER.UL said it raised its Hong Kong minimum fares on Monday by as much as 80 percent following a review.

The San Francisco-based technology company, which recently suspended its services for the second time in the neighboring Chinese city of Macau, told Reuters the price rises would benefit drivers as they pocketed most of the fares.

Starting on Monday, minimum fees for UberX and UberASSIST rides would rise by up to 80 percent to HK$45 (US$5.75). A ride with the pricier UberBLACK would start at HK$65, instead of HK$50.
These fare hikes include an extra HK$5 booking fee levied by Uber on all rides.

The company said in a statement the adjustments were “based on an evaluation of the marketplace in Hong Kong.”...MORE
HT the story was out there: Quartz