Sunday, August 27, 2017

Climateer Line of the Day: Writing Tips I Probably Won't Be Using Edition

"Note to historical novelists: the Stalinist era is severely underrepresented in fiction, even though it was a demented hellscape whose horrors practically beg to be dramatized. Saul Austerlitz makes the case...."
That's from the Paris Review.

If yukking it up with Beria and the boys isn't your cuppa chai they also offer-up a deranged Norwegian:
Look, normally I don’t go in for this type of thing, but come on: this is John Milton made of Stilton. Show a little respect, people. “I fell in love with John Stilton,” his maker, Christian Kjelstrup, says. “In Norway, Milton and Stilton are treated the same: both are enjoyed only by connoisseurs. The difference between John Milton and John Stilton is the latter is fat, greasy and sticky. I had a hard time making him. The fridge in my office now serves as his temporary mausoleum; I suspect his odor will survive him, perhaps even the fridge.” 
John Stilton: based on the pun I thought was the funniest (there were so many …). He was hard to make and even harder to photograph.

Must be something about living north of the 55th parallel. And speaking of the Scots...

Just kidding, the next post stars Bill Gates and I think his people came from south of the border.