Friday, January 6, 2017

"Anti-Surveillance Clothing Aims to Hide Wearers From Facial Recognition "

From the Guardian:

Hyperface project involves printing patterns on to clothing or textiles that computers interpret as a face, in fightback against intrusive technology
An image of a Hyperface pattern, specifically created to contain thousands of facial recognition hits. 
Photograph: Adam Harvey 
The use of facial recognition software for commercial purposes is becoming more common, but, as Amazon scans faces in its physical shop and Facebook searches photos of users to add tags to, those concerned about their privacy are fighting back.

Berlin-based artist and technologist Adam Harvey aims to overwhelm and confuse these systems by presenting them with thousands of false hits so they can’t tell which faces are real.

The Hyperface project involves printing patterns on to clothing or textiles, which then appear to have eyes, mouths and other features that a computer can interpret as a face.

This is not the first time Harvey has tried to confuse facial recognition software. During a previous project, CV Dazzle, he attempted to create an aesthetic of makeup and hairstyling that would cause machines to be unable to detect a face.
Speaking at the Chaos Communications Congress hacking conference in Hamburg, Harvey said: “As I’ve looked at in an earlier project, you can change the way you appear, but, in camouflage you can think of the figure and the ground relationship. There’s also an opportunity to modify the ‘ground’, the things that appear next to you, around you, and that can also modify the computer vision confidence score.”

Harvey’s Hyperface project aims to do just that, he says, “overloading an algorithm with what it wants, oversaturating an area with faces to divert the gaze of the computer vision algorithm.”...MORE
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For more on CV Dazzle  we have on offer 2013's How to Hide From Cameras:

2016's Adversarial Images, Or How To Fool Machine Vision:

but this raises its own set of problems, not the least of which is taking a half hour to apply just so you can go down to the lobby.
Or more generally:
"Live a modern life while frustrating the NSA"

Is Snap Inc. Building a Wearable Face Recognition Device for the National Security Agency?
For folks too busy having a real-world life to keep up with this stuff, Snap is the recently created parent company of double-decacorn Snapchat (think Google/Alphabet) which, deciding it would be more than just the app, rolled out video recording "Spectacles" to do image capture and upload:
They would now like you to think of them as a "digital lifestyle" platform, thank you very much.
They've also hired bookrunners for a potentially blockbuster IPO early next year.

From Hackernoon, Oct. 3:...
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