Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sometimes Snark Is Funny, Sometimes It Just Exposes Laziness and/or Ignorance

This morning Matt Yglesias tweeted:
On May 27, 2013 the World Socialist Web Site had this to say about the current Secretary of Commerce:

Senators forgive Penny Pritzker’s $80 million “mistake”
On the eve of her confirmation hearing, President Obama’s nominee for commerce secretary, Penny Pritzker, admitted that she had underreported her 2012 income to the tune of $80 million, blaming a clerical error. Pritzker is worth an estimated $1.85 billion and would become the wealthiest US cabinet member in history.... MORE
Published by the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI)
The good news is, despite misplacing the $80 mil. Secretary Pritzker's share of PSP Capital Partners and Pritzker Realty Group is now worth an estimated $2.4-2.5 billion.

The 2013 story was originally reported by Bloomberg but the outrage at the WSWS was funnier, although BBG was briefly in contention with this quote from Ms. Pritzker's assistant and spokeswoman:
...“It is a substantial amount and we moved to correct the mistake as soon as it was discovered,”...
Yes, yes $80 million is substantial.