Sunday, January 22, 2017

CLSA's Year of the Rooster Feng Shui Index 2017

Kung Hei Fat Choy! 
Year of the Fire Rooster
Happy Lunar New Year

Or as noted earlier this month re: the transliteration of Mandarin:
I was just asking a Chinese associate what year it was going to be and what were the best greetings and he said Rooster and I'd never go wrong with Gong Xi Fa Cai (respectfully wishing you make money in the new year), very close to the '..Fat Choy' from Hong Kong and I know I would have come up with the giant inflatable Trump rooster with just a little thought but no, it's Hunter S Thompson for me...
From CLSA (Hong Kong, which is why we see the Cantonese at the top):
After a fowl year in 2016, how will you and the Hang Seng Index fare with the plucky Rooster in 2017? Our 23rd Feng Shui guide offers an alternative look at what’s in store this year to help the luck flow in your direction.
Feng Shui masters are valued in the Orient by those looking to foretell the future. If you're running a hedge fund, no doubt you'll take our sorcerer’s view on the year ahead with a pinch of salt, but curiosity if not superstition may get the better of you.
So scroll on down and chick out all manner of forecasts for the year ahead. Our longstanding health warning holds: don’t get your feathers ruffled and take it too seriously!
Some predictions - All the thrills and spills
Live broadcasts of cocks crowing every day in Hong Kong (for millennials who’ve never seen or heard of one) • Pokemon Go goes • Earthquake and tsunami hits Hong Kong • KFC closed for a year out of respect for chickens • Brad and Angelina reconcile • New pills prolong life for 50 years; Emperor of Japan decides not to retire after all • Beijing opts for the popular Donnie Yen as new HK Chief Executive to prevent further social disruption • Twitter becomes official channel for announcing US government policy • Russian hackers attempt to disrupt HK Chief Executive election; no one notices - then they hit Crufts • First robot-run corporation is formed by disgruntled former Foxbots • First contract-killing-by-drone occurs • Private prison firms finally get access to lucrative Chinese market • Last white rhino is killed - in Florida, of course • First rhino created from stored DNA is born - in China, of course • Beijing enforces landmark low-emissions policy following Party Congress, sending Australia into recession • North Korea’s nuclear ambitions go ballistic • Shih Tzu dog wins China’s Got Talent • Fake news reporter Paul Keypies wins Pulitzer Prize • iPhone 8 removes lightening socket; now charges by solar panels • Pregnant Serena Williams wins Wimbledon • All McDonald’s outlets in Mexico turned into Ikeas 
Sectors, property etc.