Thursday, December 8, 2016

Winton Capital’s Harding: "I admire Buffett the most but he wouldn’t approve of what we do"

Following up on Saturday's excellent Financial Times piece "Winton Capital’s David Harding on making millions through maths".

From CNBC:
Warren Buffett is one of the investors he admires the most but David Harding says the investing giant would not approve of what his $30 billion hedge fund Winton Group does.

"The three investors I admire the most and rather simplistically the three most successful ones - Warren Buffett, George Soros and James Simons," Harding told CNBC at the opening of the Winton Gallery at London's Science Museum.

"James Simons is the greatest mathematical scientific investor in the world…The sage of Omaha is obviously the wisest philosopher and demonstrates the link between success, wealth, philosophy and wisdom," the founder of Winton claimed when pressed on the reasons behind his selection.

"George Soros is a great political economist and statesman and deep thinker about the state of the world so I respect all three of them very much," he offered....MORE