Monday, February 22, 2016

"Restaurant in France bans bankers, welcomes dogs"

From Turkey's Daily Sabah:
Alexandre Callet, 30, runs a gourmet restaurant in France and has banned bankers from his establishment, after numerous banks turned down his request for a 70,000 euros loan to open a second restaurant, as reported in the newspaper Local France.

The restaurant's daily specials list includes the following sentence: Dogs welcome, bankers banned (unless they pay an entry fee of 70,000 euros). "As soon as I see a banker that I recognize, I won't let them enter my restaurant," Callet told the Local. Callet said he felt "humiliated" as the loan he asked for was very reasonable, given his restaurant had a turnover last year of 300,000 euros.

His restaurant is listed in the Michelin guide and draws film stars. "Restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, it's the same. We have to get on all fours," when requesting a loan, he told the Local.