Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Commodities: "Icahn Might Need to Inject Capital to Save Firm" (IEP; CHK; LNG; FCX)

On a generally down day the stock is up 59 cents at $50.52.
Don't let that fool you though, this is one sick puppy:
IEP Icahn Enterprises, L.P. daily Stock Chart
From iBankCoin:
What a shit show this is. Icahn and his stupid commodity bets, long egregious amounts of CHK, LNG and FCX, have wreaked havoc on his publicly traded net worth inflator, aka IEP. He owns 90% of it and now S&P is threatening to slash the credit rating to junk status, due to its nefarious holdings in which the value have been subjugated to ruinous losses.
These and other bad bets have led Standard & Poor’s to warn it may downgrade Icahn Enterprises (IEP) to junk territory within the next 90 days.
S&P says Icahn’s firm had just $182 million of cash as of the end of September, down from $1.1 billion the year before. At the same time, Icahn Enterprises lists $13.4 billion in total debt, of which $1.2 billion is due early next year.
All of this has led S&P to posit whether Icahn might inject personal capital into IEP to firm up its balance sheet....MORE
Icahn Enterprises L.P. Placed On CreditWatch-Negative (IEP; CHK; LNG)
Natural Gas: Chesapeake Energy Stock Down 10% as Debt Exchange Shows How Low On the Totem Pole Equity Actually Is (CHK)
Trade your unsecured paper for a slightly-higher-in-the-food-chain second lien, at a discount.
The stock is down another 10.6% at $4.93.
Mr. Icahn owns some above $23 which is going to make it difficult to recoup the losses in his lifetime. (current age: 79) 
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The market appears to have figured it out:

CHK Chesapeake Energy Corporation weekly Stock Chart

It's Been A Tough Year For Carl Icahn (IEP; AAPL; CHK)
And many, many more.