Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rats, Attempting To Make Amends For That Whole Black Death Misunderstanding, Are Saving Lives In Cambodia

Victoria, a 2-year-old rat, sniffs for TNT, sticking her nose high in the air to indicate she's found some. She works her way down a 10-meter line with a handler on either end, and is able to detect the presence of TNT at a distance of approximately half a yard.
From Asia Times:

Rats save people from landmines in Cambodia! 
Intelligent and adorable with sensitive noses, these rodents scurry and sniff their way across fields to eliminate a scourge that has killed thousands of Cambodians: land mines. Sent from Africa, where they have successfully cleared minefields in Mozambique and Angola, they began the same task in northwestern Cambodia recently and have scored tangible results....MORE (video)