Thursday, July 23, 2015

ZeroHedge Comments On Pearson, the FT and Life: "The Company At The Center Of The Criminal Fed Leak Probe Was Just Sold"

Don't ever change.
From ZeroHedge:
By now, it is common knowledge that the Fed's leak of material, market moving data to Medley Global's Regina Schleiger has become the reason for not only a Congressional subpoena which Janet Yellen has been resisting because, supposedly, the Fed is above the law and can decide which subpoenas to respond to (and will make sure anyone who dares to ask her any sensitive questions on the topic never speaks to her again as Pedro da Costa found out recently) but also a DoJ and OIG criminal investigation. So far there has been no actual charges as the Fed stonewalls and refuses to cooperate but even if it did, we doubt that anyone would dare to throw the central-planner of the formerly free world in prison.

But what about Medley? Why not subpoena and get sworn testimony from Regina or her employer to find out what happened from the other, less "protected" side? Actually that may have crossed the DOJ's mind.
First, a reminder of just who Medley Global is:
MGA is the leading global provider of macro policy intelligence for the world's top hedge funds, institutional investors, and asset managers. Our services and global network cover G20 plus Emerging Markets, Central Banks & Geopolitics, Global Oil and Energy Markets.
In short: an "expert network" (remember those? that's how Stevie Cohen made his billions paying insiders for material, nonpublic information right under the nose of regulators and enforcers) that leaks Fed decisions and thoughts to its  top-paying clients, such as the report in question leaking the start of QE tapering in December 2012.

Some more on MGA's history:
Medley Global Advisors LLC (MGA) was founded in 1997 by Richard Medley, former chief political strategist to George Soros, to help investors navigate the opaque yet fascinating intersection of policy and markets. Dan Bogler, MGA's President, joined MGA in March of 2010....