Friday, July 24, 2015

Kinder Morgan Shares Have Lost The Equivalent Of A Year's Worth Of Dividends This Week (KMI)

As noted in July 9ths "There's Hatin' On Kinder Morgan and Then There's Calling For An Additional 24% Drop From Here (KMI)":
KMI $37.70, up 40 cents. At that price the $1.92 dividend works out to a 5.10% yield which a a bit higher than the risk-free rate....
Well the stock has proven it is not risk-free:
Daily, via FinViz

KMI Kinder Morgan, Inc. daily Stock Chart

It closed last Friday at $36.89. At the current $34.84 the stock is off $1.95 or a bit more than that annual $1.92 divi.
But hey, the yield is up to 5.5%!