Monday, July 27, 2015

Dilbert and Skill Vs. Luck in the Stock Market

I lied, big fat whopper.
It's not Dilbert, it's not even Dilbert's creator, Scott Adams, who is not nearly as touchy about his creation as the "I am not Spock" gentleman was about his.

That's a rather long, rambling, borderline incoherent introduction leading to Mr. Adams co-blogger Paul Worthington in the Top Tech vertical of the Adams empire:
Here comes a little company that is about to change the world with a small device that scans your food and tells you what is in it.

You might be saying this is no big deal. It is just another way for diet Nazis to obsess over something new.
But imagine being able to scan your food and have the device tell you it is unhealthy (in essence). How many parents would keep serving unhealthy food to their kids if they have an option? I think a food scanner changes the world (if it works.)


Well, for starters, Warren Buffett’s investments in crap-foods will start to suffer. So your notions about skill versus luck in the stock market will dissolve at the same rate as the sales of Kraft and Coke....MORE
I feel bad about the outright fabrication in the headline so here's one of Mr. Adams' technology related strips.
From 1992 and via GoComics Dilbert Classics series:


And just so you know, when Leonard Nimoy died we changed the blog's motto to "Live Long and Prosper" for the week following his demise.