Saturday, July 18, 2015

Today's Fun Fact: "Eggs are now more expensive than chicken in the US"

Something that we were going to get around to in a June 16 post:
...Anyhoo, after a late start yesterday I was going to do a post on the bird flu/egg shortage story and Mr. Andreessen came to mind:
bald man

From Quartz:
The avian flu epidemic ravaging US chicken farms has caused a reversal of protein economics. Their surging price has made eggs more expensive on a protein-per-dollar basis than chicken breasts for the first time on record.

Latest figures from the USDA show that at least 48 million US birds have been killed in attempts to contain the outbreak. More than 34 million of those—71%—were egg-laying chickens or chickens used to breed egg-laying chickens, which is why the price of chicken meat has not ascended as rapidly as chicken eggs....MORE