Friday, July 31, 2015

Nikkei and the Financial Times: A Love Story

I have to note up front, the hat -forgotten-tip on the post immediately below, "Commodity Investors And the Kübler-Ross Model of Grief (or why gold could go lower than our $875 target)" and this link:
...The New York Times, as usual, dug deeper and highlighted how the management of Nikkei always adored the Financial Times and how much more successful Nikkei has been in terms of popularity and finances compared to its acquisition.
are from the CFA Institute's Enterprising Investor's Weekend Reads post.

From the New York Times:

Nikkei Vies for Global Clout With Splurge on The Financial Times
TOKYO — Not long after he took over as president of Japan’s dominant business newspaper in April, Naotoshi Okada delivered a message to his 1,300 reporters and editors. It was time, he said, for Nikkei, the muscular but domestically focused broadsheet, to attain the global influence it had long craved.
The model he envisioned: the British newspaper The Financial Times.

“I want us to stand side by side with newspapers in Europe and America,” Mr. Okada, a career Nikkei journalist, said in a private address to the staff, according to two employees. Adding that he wanted columnists “whose advice is sought by the world’s central bankers,” he named The Financial Times’s respected economics editor, Martin Wolf, as an example....MUCH MORE
Of course adoration can be unrequited.
When Springer said  "Je t'adore" with their German accent, Pearson heard the order "Zhut de door", so they zhut it and locked it.

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