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Risk: Earthquakes Near New York City

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Here's Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory:


Richter (ML)
Max. Intensity
1884 Aug 1019:0740.4573.90Greater N.Y. City area5.2VIIThrew down chimneys - felt from Virginia to Maine;
1737 Dec 1903:4540.8074.00Greater N.Y. City area*5.2VIIThrew down chimneys  
1783 Nov 3003:5041.0074.00N. Central N.J.*4.9VIThrew down chimneys  
1847Greater N.Y. City area*4.5VProbably Offshore  
1848 Sep 0941.1173.85Greater N.Y. City area*4.4VMany people in the NY City area felt the earthquake
1895 Sep 0111:0940.5574.30N. Central N.J.4.3VILocation determined by fire and aftershock
1985 Oct 1910:0740.9873.83Ardsley, N.Y.4.0IVMany people in the NY City area felt this earthquake  
1927 Jun 0112:2340.3074.00Near Asbury Park, N.J.3.9VI-VIIVery high intensity in Asbury Park, NJ - perhaps shallow event
1845 Oct 2623:1541.2273.67Greater N.Y. City area*3.8VI
1938 Aug 2305:04:5340.1074.50Central N.J.3.8VI
1951 Sep 0321:26:2441.2574.00Rockland Co., N.Y.3.6V
1937 Jul 1903:5140.6073.76Western Long Is., N.Y.3.5IVOne or few earthquakes beneath Long Island
1957 Mar 2319:0240.6074.80Central N.J.3.5VI
1874 Dec 1103:2541.0573.85Near Nyack and Tarry-town, N.Y.3.4VI
1885 Jan 0411:0641.1573.85Hudson Valley3.4VI
1979 Mar 1004:49:3940.7274.50Central N.J.3.2V-VIFelt by some people in Manhattan[it is called Chesequake earthquake]
2001 Oct 2701:42:2140.7973.97Manhattan, New York City2.6IVFelt in Upper West Side of Manhattan, Astoria and Queens, NYC
2001 Jan 1712:34:2240.7873.95Manhattan, New York City2.4IVFelt in Upper East Side of Manhattan, Long Island City and Queens, NYC
* Location very poorly determined; may be uncertain by 50 miles.
ML = Richter local magnitude

Topographic Map and the Largest Earthquakes Near New York City.

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