Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New York Times Considers Tiny Print Edition For Lower Price

"Some of the news that's fit to print"

They'd better do something or the Sulzberger clan runs out of money and power.
From Capital New York:
Shorter Times?
The New York Times is considering the introduction of a truncated version of its daily print edition at a discounted rate as the paper mulls new strategies for maximizing the number of people who pay to read its content.

The potential offering "would be significantly shorter than the current edition and offer a selection of the day's best content for roughly half the price," according to a recent reader survey that was shared with Capital. As with a standard print subscription, it would also come with unlimited digital access, the survey said. Daily delivery of the full print edition costs $23.60 to $67.60 every four weeks depending on location and frequency.

A shorter print option would dovetail with new digital apps the Times has been rolling out to cater to readers who aren't necessarily willing to pay for's full buffet of content, to which unlimited digital access begins at $15 a month.

Those apps, such as NYT Now, which offers a curated stream of Times stories for $8 a month, aren't off to the most impressive start in terms of sign-ups. During the second quarter of 2014, the Times logged 32,000 new subscriptions across all of its digital offerings combined, putting the total number of people paying to read the Times on web browsers and mobile devices at around 831,000....MORE