Thursday, July 24, 2014

"Johnson & Johnson partners with Organovo to consider 3D-printing living tissue" (ONVO; JNJ)

Well, that's a rather big name to be getting into 'print-living-tissue biz"
From GigaOm:
Janssen Research and Development, a Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company, is looking into 3D printing living tissue for drug research, according to a document filed with the SEC Thursday. The company will partner with Organovo, an expert in bioprinting.

Organovo has 3D-printed everything from blood vessels to thyroid tissue, and has long-term plans to print entire organs. Later this year it will begin offering liver tissue to drug companies for testing the toxicity of drugs — its first commercial product.

Janssen is more interested in using 3D-printed tissue to discover drugs. By exposing many different 3D-printed cells to many different early-stage drugs, it can determine which are the most effective. Janssen and Organovo did not disclose further details about the agreement.

Organovo announced a partnership with the National Institutes of Health in January that focuses on printing eye tissue for drug and disease studies....MORE
Organovo is up 6% at $8.11, JNJ is closing in on a $300 billion market cap on $73 billion ttm revenues, $102.20 last.