Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm Tellin' Ya: "Nervous Jitters Will Subside - Market Wants To Head Higher - Earnings Have Been Good"

S&P500 1973.63 down 4.59, DJIA 17,051.73 down 48.45, SPY 197.34 Down 0.37 (AH down another 0.23)

From Options 1:
Posted 11:00 AM ET – Last Thursday, the market declined when the US and Europe imposed new economic sanctions against Russia. Hours later, a commercial jetliner was shot down by Ukrainian rebels and the situation deteriorated. There is little doubt that the weapons and training were provided by Putin and we can expect additional economic sanctions against Russia. The bid to the market is strong and stocks rebounded Friday.

If not for the political turmoil (Ukraine and Gaza), the market would be making new all-time highs. Earning season has started off on a strong note. Profits are up almost 7% and revenues are up 3.5%. Healthcare got a boost from UNH and HMOs have been strong. Cyclicals benefited from Alcoa’s strong number and growth in China is back on track (7.5%). Banks prepared for bad news and the results were better than feared. The financial sector has been moving higher. Intel set the tone for tech and Google also made a nice move after earnings.

We need tech to tread water after recent gains. Apple and Microsoft will post results after the close Tuesday. This is going to be a very busy week for earnings. The recent jobs recovery should be confirmed in statements made by CEOs. Guidance for Q3 needs to be positive if the market is going to extend this rally....MORE