Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Retailer John Lewis Reveals the Five Brand-new Technologies it's Investing In

From City AM:
John Lewis today crowned the five technology startups that have won a place in the retailer’s technology incubator, called JLAB.
The winners were chosen from a shortlist of 30 companies that were given five minutes last week to pitch a product that will help ensure John Lewis’s stores and website remain at the forefront of changing consumer shopping habits....MORE
1. Localz 
Co-founded by Tim Andrew, Pete Williams and Melvin Artemas, Localz is a platform that combines GPS and iBeacon technology to help retailers detect when shoppers walk into their store to send out promotions and special offers to their phones.
4. Tap2Connect
Tap2Connect’s founder Steve Cooke has come up with a way of creating electronic labels for products such as a fridge so that retailers and customers can continue to track that product after it has been sold or bought.  These smart labels would allow John Lewis for example to create an app where customers can fix and item or track it’s energy usage compared with newer products....
Double Yikes!!