Thursday, May 29, 2014

Quite the App: London Then and Now by Streetmuseum

From Vintage Everyday:
For most Londoners, the most common view they enjoy as they trudge to work is the back of another commuter's head but now, thanks to the Streetmuseum app, anyone traipsing through the capital's streets can step back in time to see what London looked like in the 19th and 20th century compared with today - all in the same image.

The pictures below are part of a series in which historic and contemporary images are blended together, allowing users to see just how much London's streets have been transformed.
An exterior shot of the completed Gloucester Road Station in 1868 and 2014. (Photo by Museum of London/Streetmuseum app)

A street seller of sherbert and water on the streets of London in 1893 and the same street in 2014. (Photo by Museum of London/Streetmuseum app)
The view north up Brick Lane in Spitalfields, close to the markets in 1957 and 2014. 
(Photo by Museum of London/Streetmuseum app)