Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's Quiet Out There: "600 Days Without a 3% Daily Change"

From Avondale Asset Management:
It’s been a long time now since the S&P 500 had a big change in a single day. You have to go back to November of 2011 to find the last day that the S&P 500 rose or fell by 3% in one day. Since 1950 there have been 200 trading days out of 16,202 in which the S&P changed by 3% or more, which implies that we get one 3% day for every 81 days.

The current streak has lasted 623 trading days, which is the 6th longest period without a big change in the last 65 years.  From the history, it looks like most past streaks either fell just short of the 600 day range or pushed through to the 900 day area....MORE
Days Since 3 Percent Daily Change