Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Most Expensive U.S. Homes That Came on the Market in 2013

From Curbed:
Mapping the Country's Dozen Priciest Properties in 2013

2013 was a funny year for blockbuster real estate—despite the fact that last 12 months were seemingly packed with vanity pricing, nine-figure listings, and enough "historic" pedigrees, $20M-plus renovations, and beach frontage to give even die-hard consumers of ostentatious real estate a stomach ache, the crème de la crème of pricy listings have (surprise!) struggled to maintain their inflated asks, particularly when one looks at the fates of 2012's most expensive properties. Casa Casuarina, which was listed last year for $125M? Sold at auction for $41.5M. The three $95M NYC apartments? Yeah, not one sold. But what of the fates of this year's blockbusters? Well, Copper Beech Farm, which roared onto the market for an eye-popping $190M, has already been slashed by $50M.

 The map below charts the 12 priciest properties to officially hit the market in the Untied States in 2013, and the fates that have befallen them. Do have a look:
Copper Beech Farm, $190M
Indian Field Road, Greenwich, CT 06830
Most expensive listings of 2013
Copper Beech Farm, $190M
Copper Beech Farm, $190M 
Indian Field Road, Greenwich, CT 06830

Copper Beech Farm, the 50-acre (debt-laden) Greenwich estate that roared onto the market in May with a record-setting $190M price tag, has since suffered the fate shared by so many of its nine-figure peers: it's been mercilessly slashed, now asking $140M. Owned by timber mogul John Rudey, the property is stocked with a 12-bedroom mansion, a whopping 4,000 feet of water frontage, and not one, but two offshore islands. [link] Website
Crespi Estate, $135M 
5555 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas, TX 75229

In January, Texas business honcho Tom Hicks put his vast, Dallas, Texas, spread on the market for a staggering—nay, otherworldly$135M, making it the priciest ask in the country at the time (no small feat, indeed). Despite once owning the Texas Rangers and being appraised by Forbes in 2009 to have a net worth of about $1B, Hicks has stumbled financially in the last few years, so it may be no real surprise that he's looking to unload a house that is, as the Real Estalker points out, 10 times the size of the average American home. [link