Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Gold And Silver Smashed To 2013 Lows"

I know it's getting repetitive but, "we're still looking for $875 sometime in Q3 2014".
Gold $1185.90 last, $1181.40 low.
Silver $18.87 last, $18.72 low.
From ZeroHedge:
As the US session starts, despite a dearth of news and actvity in other markets, the precious metals complex is being smashed lower (on heavy volume). Gold just hit 2013 lows at $1182 and Silver at $18.837 is near its 2013 lows also.

It seems someone wants the status-quo-defying precious metals going out at their lows as central-planning-supporting stocks go out at their highs...

on heavy volume...