Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ha! First Round Capital Releases Their 2013 Holiday Video (and valleywag hates it)

Following up on yesterday's "Happy Holidays From First Round Capital":
For the last five or six years First Round Capital has put out a video holiday card and assuming this year would be no different I've waited for the 2013 iteration.

Coming into the homestretch before the holidays First Round has not posted anything.

So. as a placeholder, here's a repost of last year's brilliance, First Round and their client companies showing off their cover of Call Me Maybe/Gangnam Style...
...Should they have the 2013 video in post-production we'll get it up as soon as it's available.
Here's 2013, via Valleywag:
If you're a startup that's taken investment money from First Round Capital, I'm not sure why you'd agree to participate in this video, unless they're threatening to take the money back. Or maybe they're threatening your family?

Trick question: there's no good answer, but a meme-themed singalong video filled with startup employees is a nice snapshot of 2013 frivolity and obliviousness, I guess. I'd say don't watch this video, because it's unpleasant, but I want everyone to feel my pain—so go ahead, click play, and think of the charities First Round Capital could have donated to instead of producing this video. Or just burn the money! That's also fine....
Here's the vid sans the poem and the rainbows and unicorns backround which can be found here, at the FRC site.
I think the folks at First Round know this doesn't match last years effort.
Here's the Wall Street Journal's Venture Capital Dispatch's coverage:
Miley Cyrus and Talking Unicorns Featured in First Round Capital Holiday Video