Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Favorite Astrologer is Predicting a Market Crash

There are really only two go-to astro-technicians and one of them is incomprehensible.
Here's the other, from Money Morning:
Planets Align for Stock Market Crash in 2013 ­− If Not Sooner
Of all the tools one might use to predict a stock market crash in 2013, planetary alignments and solar particles are not, for most people, the first options that spring to mind.

But market analyst Arch Crawford has applied his arcane "astro indicators" for 35 years with surprising success.

You see, Crawford has forecast market crashes before. His astro indicators helped him predict the stock market crash of 1987, as well as the crash following the 9/11 attacks and the crash of 2008.

Now Crawford is speaking up as something just hit his radar again.

One of Crawford's most reliable indicators crossed a threshold on July 18. That means he sees another major stock market crash hitting at some point between now and March 2013.

"Between 18th of July and the end of February [2013], I believe the markets worldwide will crash," Crawford told GoldSeek Radio last week. "And that's because that if any one of them falls, it's going to take a bunch of others into a black hole." 
The Weird Science of Arch Crawford 
It's easy to write off Crawford and his unusual methodology, but he doesn't use his astro indicators exclusively; he's also an accomplished technical analyst.

He worked as a technical analyst early in his career at Merrill Lynch, which is when he noticed a correlation between some astrological models he'd been studying and his technical charts.

Eventually Crawford evolved a method for predicting market behavior based on both technical analysis and astro indicators. The more they agree, the more confident he is in his predictions.

Hulbert Financial Digestranked hisCrawford Perspectivesthe best stock markettimer for the period between Oct. 1, 2007 and Oct. 31, 2009. Timer Digest has placed him first in 1987, 1994 and 2008, and second in 2002.

Today, as Crawford looks at his array of indicators, many point to a 2013 stock market crash, although it could happen before then.
Just looking at the stock charts, Crawford said he sees "long-term cycles beginning to kick in to the down side."...MORE
Compare with:
Short-Term Geocosmics
Mercury continues retrograde through August 8 as discussed at length in last week’s column. But for this coming week there are a slew of soft, harmonious aspects which are usually favorable in this type of market climate. However, there is also a full moon (Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon) August 2, and that can disrupt the evenness of this current rally.

Our sights are set more on the following two weeks, especially August 10-20 when Mars will conjunct Saturn (the astrological peak of the drought) in a point that is critical to the chart of the New York Stock Exchange (founded May 17, 1792). Mars will be at 22-27 degrees of Libra then. In the NYSE chart, Jupiter and Neptune are at 22-27 of Libra, and Saturn is in opposition at 26 degrees of Aries. This could be explosive, both in a mundane sense (for it pertains to military conflict and vehement disagreements) and financial markets. At its best, it is a time that can be favorable for organizing one’s life and getting a lot accomplished, if you are focused....
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J.P. Morgan's astrologer was  Evangeline Adams.