Friday, July 27, 2012

Ohio's FirstEnergy and Babcock & Wilcox to Test Modular Nuclear Reactors (FE; BW)

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:
FirstEnergy looking into buying small nuclear reactor from Babcock & Wilcox
FirstEnergy Corp. is interested in buying a new, small nuclear reactor somewhere in its multi-state service area.

Generating just a fraction of the power of FirstEnergy's huge older nuclear power plants, the new reactor would be buried in a containment building 140 feet underground -- with its electrical generator at the surface.
It would cost a fraction of what a new large reactor would cost -- under $2 billion compared to $15 billion, the estimated cost of proposed new plants in the South.

And it is said to be much safer, with many features that would make a catastrophe far less of an issue....MORE
Cutaway of an underground nuclear containment building housing two small reactors 
designed by Babcock & Wilcox. FirstEnergy is studying the feasibility of deploying 
such reactors in the future. Note the semi-tractor trailer at the top center of the drawing.

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