Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Climateer Line of the Day: Concurrence (and Geithner) Edition

Today's winner of the prestigious CLoD is our old pal Mark Gongloff in his daily HuffPo column:
Fed Almost Certainly Giving Serious Thought To Economy, Now: Seven And A Half Things To Know 
...This story was so unwavering in its assertion that the Fed is almost certainly going to start thinking about helping the economy that it had a noticeable effect on the five robots who run our stock market. The robots immediately started buying stocks on the "news," at least until Apple found an adorable pooch and began screwing it vigorously (see below), which made everybody feel kind of sick and not like buying stocks any more.

Reinforcing the frenzy of Fed speculation, The New York Times had its own story that said, "Yeah, what the WSJ said...
I couldn't really decide where the snips should be, it's like an irresistible avalanche of  words.
Also at today's Huffington Post:
Tim Geithner Bailed Out Banks With Rigged Libor, Costing Taxpayers Huge Amount