Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"I fell for cocaine honeytrap, claims British physicist in Argentine jail"

I don't know who sent this in but it is definitely in the running for headline of the week. Thanks.
From the Telegraph:

A distinguished British physicist facing trial in Argentina for alleged cocaine smuggling has claimed he was the victim of an online honeytrap.

A British scientist languishing in an Argentine jail on suspicion of drugs smuggling blames honey trap involving Czech-born glamour model.
32-year-old Czech-born glamour model Denise Milani and A British scientist Paul Frampton 

Paul Frampton, 68, said he thought that he was to meet Denise Milani, a Czech-born glamour model and former Miss Bikini World in a hotel, and was asked by a man in the lobby to look after a suitcase that he was told belonged to her.
The suitcase contained 2kg of cocaine hidden in its lining.
Dr Frampton now believes that a fraudster was posing as 32-year-old Miss Milani in an online chat room....MORE