Thursday, April 30, 2009

Top Public Pension Funds Shun Solar Stocks

One interpretation would be that the funds are underinvested and form a well of potential buying.
Another is that the public funds that are members of CERES are just a bunch of hypocrites.
From HedgeTracker:
A recent Public Pension Fund Study has revealed that top funds have limited exposure to leading US-listed Solar companies. While US politicians have been touting a clean-energy future, very little public pension investment dollars are being funneled into the most promising solar companies. Overall, the 11 pension funds reviewed by the study managed $227,226 million in US equities and only held a paltry $182 million in the Solar Sector as of 12/31/08....

...The top solar investors were CalPERS (Total of $51mn in FSLR, SPWR, ENER, & ESLR), State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (Total of $30mn in FSLR, ENER, & ESLR), the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (Total of $24mn in FSLR & SPRWA), and Florida State Board of Administration (Total of $23mn in FSLR, SPRWA & ENER). Notably, the New York State Teachers\' Retirement System was the only pension fund that had no exposure to any of the solar companies in the study....MORE
HT: SolarFeeds