Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Inevitable Future: Peak Oil and Socialism

Here's a contender for the prestigious Climateer Line of the Day award, from MarketRap:

...Today’s observer might say that the process of a changing world as a result of expensive energy is already well under way. When the middle class gets squeezed, they naturally turn to government officials who make the most promises. The United States is now led by a popular liberal president along with liberal representatives in the nation’s House and Senate. It is no accident and conservative critics may not be exaggerating when complaining about a move toward socialism.

Somebody needs to tell conservatives, however, that the move toward socialism is now inevitable. Just imagine today’s oil prices doubling or tripling on top of our current economic problems. The result would be rapid inflation and a people who are only more desperate, naturally turning to government officials who make the most promises. Those who make the most promises are those who will naturally ignore long term economic ramifications.

The result is not just a move toward socialism. It is a loss of opportunity for those who are not already wealthy. It is a different kind of America....