Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cap-and-Trade: Farmers at the Trough

Don't tax you,
Don't tax me,
Tax that fellow behind the tree
-Senator Russell Long

From the National Farmers Union:
In testimony before the House Committee on Small Business today National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson said farmers and ranchers have a significant role to play in addressing the energy and environmental challenges facing our nation.

“NFU believes the flexibility of a cap and trade program holds the most promise in making actual greenhouse gas emissions reductions while mitigating the overall energy cost increases that would result from such a program,” Johnson said.

NFU policy supports a national, mandatory carbon emission cap and trade system, with an optional agricultural offset program, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “The income potential from an agriculture offset program is a real opportunity for our farmers and ranchers who will be faced with increased input costs,” Johnson said....MORE