Wednesday, April 22, 2009

RFK Jr. Blasts Obama as 'Indentured Servant' to Coal Industry

UPDATE below.
Original post:
When I saw Kennedy's comment I was reminded of the emancipated slave quoted by Ken Burns in The Civil War, upon seeing his former master marched past as a prisoner-of-war:
Bottom rail on top now, boss.
Junior sure as shit ain't his old man. Maybe he's still grumpy that he didn't get the EPA slot.
Here's the ABC News story.

Update--Planet Gore (!) says:
EDITOR'S NOTE: The ABC News headline that prompted this post was a misleading conflation of Robert F. Kennedy quotes.

Kennedy called politicians who support coal "indentured servants of the coal industry" on September 10, 2005; July 7, 2007; December 12, 2008; and January 30, 2009.

Kennedy called Obama "a very sensible [politician]" and a "great [man]," who nonetheless "[feels] the need to parrot the talking points of this industry that is so destructive to our country."

We regret the repetition of ABC's error.
I still like the "Civil War" quote. And Junior still ain't his old man.