Monday, December 29, 2008

South Korea Sets Sights on Efficiency (and 12 New Nukes, 11 LNG, 7 Coal and 1 Oil Fired Power Plants)

I didn't know that anyone was building oil-fired power plants. The first part of the headline is from earth2tech:

...South Korea Sets Sights on Efficiency: The South Korean government announced a goal of improving energy efficiency by 11.3 percent by 2012, and allocated $14.2 billion for efforts to reach it.Green Car Congress
The second part is from EnergyDaily's Nuclear Power Daily:

SKorea announces 28.5 bln dollar energy plan

...The ministry said 12 new nuclear power plants -- including eight under construction -- will be completed by 2012.

Eleven of the thermoelectric power plants to be built by 2022 would be fuelled by liquefied natural gas, seven by coal and one by fuel oil, it said.

South Korea, which relies heavily on oil imports, has tried to reduce its dependence on crude, diversify energy sources and cut down on the emission of greenhouse gases amid increasing power demand at home.

The country now has 20 commercial nuclear reactors and 85 thermoelectric power plants fuelled by either coal, gas or oil.

Nuclear power plants meet 34 percent of the country's total electricity demand this year, and they will cover 48 percent by 2022, the ministry said.