Saturday, December 13, 2008

Madoff, Madoff, Madoff: A Bernard Madoff Roundup

Here are the links that have gathered in our feed-readers over the last 48 hours. For each site we'll start with the older ones.
From Bloomberg:
Bernard Madoff Charged With Securities Fraud, WSJ Says Dec. 11 ...
Madoff Told Employees Business Was ‘One Big Lie,’ SEC Says Dec ...
New York Mets Say Madoff Fraud Won’t Affect Plans For Team Dec. ...

Aksia's Vos Saw `Red Flags' at Madoff Securities: Video Dec. 12 ...
Rogers, Frenkel, Roubini, Bogle: Multimedia Highlights Dec. 12 ...
... Jacob Frenkel, a partner with Schulman Rogers Gandal Pordy & Ecker, discusses
yesterday’s arrest of Bernard Madoff, head of market-maker Bernard L. Madoff ...
Sterling Equities, Madoff Client, ‘Shocked’ by Fraud (Update4) ...

Madoff’s Friends and Neighbors Will Sue, Lawyers Say (Update1) ...
US Judge Freezes Madoff Assets, Appoints Receiver, SEC Says Dec. ...
Madoff Sued in Investor Class Action, Lawyer Says (Update1) Dec. ...

Bernard L. Madoff Securities’ Auditor Prompted ‘Red Flags’ ...
Horlick’s Bramdean, Pioneer European Funds Hit by Madoff ‘Lie ...
UBP, Bramdean, Pioneer Invested With Madoff Funds (Update1) Dec. ...

Bernard Madoff’s ‘One Big Lie’ Drew Investors: Table ...
Access International Says Funds Invested With Madoff (Update1) Dec ...
Connecticut Town Fears Losses on $42 Million Madoff Investment Dec ...

Madoff Told Sons of $50 Billion Fraud Before Telling FBI Agents ...
Investment Adviser Aksia Warned Clients of Madoff ‘Red Flags’ ...

DealBreaker has been all over the story:
Opening Bell: 12.12.08-Bernie Madoff Death Watch (NYP)
I Guess That Would Depend On Your Interpretation Of The Word 'Innocent'
From The Front Lines

Madoff's Victim
Made-off Act I, Chapter II: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Made-off Act I, Chapter III: Fees-Schmees.
Made-off Act I, Chapter V: Cassandra

Made-off (And Now, A Brief Intermission)
Hitler Investment Securities Would Probably Preferable At The Moment*

Made-off Act II, Chapter II: The "Returns"
More Madoff Victims
Presented Without Comment

Write-Offs: 12.12.08

As has ClusterStock:
Bernie Madoff: The Indictment
I Knew Bernie Madoff Was Cheating--That's Why I Invested With Him
Madoff's Boca Raton Country Club Pals Likely Got Slammed

How Much Did Bernie Madoff Vaporize? $50 Billion? $17 Billion?
FLASHBACK 2001: Barron's Questioned Madoff's Returns
Cheers For Bernie Madoff's Arrest

Bernie Madoff: "Bigger Than Enron"
We Knew Bernie Madoff Was A Crook (List)
Meet Bernie Madoff's Accountant: David Friehling, CPA

Which Pols Got Madoff Cash?
Angry Clients Storm Madoff HQ
How Bernie Madoff Could Have Lost $50 Billion

Bernie Madoff's Miraculous Returns: Month By Month
Who Should Star In 'Ponzi: The Bernie Madoff Story'?
Rich Palm Beach Country Club Members Freaking Out Over Madoff

The Madoff Dynasty: A Family Operation
Latest Madoff Victim: Hedge Fund Critic Sandra Manzke
SEC Had Been Getting Madoff Warnings Since 1999

Meet Shana Madoff: Securities Lawyer And $hopaholic
How We Knew Bernie Madoff Was A Fraud
Bernie Madoff's Victims: The List

If You Cashed Out Of Madoff, It's Time To Lawyer Up
The Perfect Ponzi

We've got dozens of links from some very good sites, more later.