Friday, December 19, 2008

Smart Grid Stocks For The Obama Stimulus Package (COMV; ENOC; ITRI)

We haven't visited the guys at AltEnergyStocks for a while as the macro environment has taken precedence over themes and fundamentals. That will be changing and in anticipation we've put a couple thousand links in the link-vault. Here's one from yesterday:

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how a new Obama administration would renew with Keynesianism (i.e. large-scale counter-cyclical infrastructure spending) but with a green twist to: (a) get the US economy out of its funk and (b) propel America into the 21st Century by providing a massive push for its green industries. I discussed certain rail stocks and electric grid stocks that could benefit as a result. By-and-large, I've been right on both counts about the President-elect's strategy (i.e. Keynesian and green), but I did forget to mention an important part of the plan's focus: energy efficiency and the smart grid. Tom did discuss energy efficiency.

The smart grid, however, is increasingly being thrown around as a priority of the Obama plan insofar as the transmission system is concerned. It's thus not just about expanding transmission capacity but also about making the transmission infrastructure smarter and more efficient.

Stocks for the Smart Grid Build-out

I'm therefore adding to my two previous lists some potential plays on large-scale smart grid expenditures.

EnerNOC (ENOC). EnerNOC designs, among other things, demand response solutions for grid operators and utilities. The company is earning-less at the moment....MORE