Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Congress to Vote on Auto Bailout- Emissions Language Scrapped

From PointCarbon:

Lawmakers drop car emissions section from bailout bill

Lawmakers cut a clause in a $15 billion rescue bill requiring carmakers to slash tailpipe emissions.
From Politico:
...The White House began pitching its auto-industry loan package to Senate Republicans Wednesday even as House Democrats prepared to move ahead with the $15 billion package after making further concessions to appease the administration.

Language that would have barred Detroit’s Big Three from pursuing litigation against California’s tougher tailpipe emission standards was dropped from the final 37-page bill text filed by the House Financial Services Committee Wednesday morning.

This closes the door on one of the last major dividing points. And after a long 24 hours of talks involving top White House aides, the core structure of the ambitious package appears resolved....