Friday, June 29, 2007

PG&E Customers can now Pay Extra on Their Bill to Fight Global Warming

Pacific Gas & Electric Co., California's biggest utility, on Thursday said its customers can offset their individual carbon emissions by paying an extra charge to help fund projects to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

I'm sure there will be frolicking and gamboling on Castro Street with this announcement; I picture something akin to Basil Fawlty leaping about upon news of Puss' persistence:

"Hooray! Hooray! The cat lives! The cat lives! Long live the cat!"

From Reuters

Terry:'s the cat?
Basil: How's the cat? We're about to take the life of a public health inspector and you want to know how's the cat? It's gone to London to see the Queen!
Polly: He's all right!
Terry: Great!
Basil: Hooray! Hooray! The cat lives! The cat lives! Long live the cat!

"Basil the Rat" from Wikipedia
Seriously, if you want to do some real good, buy a flashlight for a family in Africa:

Instead of Buying Carbon Offsets...

...Buy a family in Africa a flashlight.