Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Couple Euro-gatherings


Four-fifths of CO2 emissions worldwide come from consumers, not industry, so the greatest potential for energy saving lies in reducing consumer demand. The battle over whether or not mankind is responsible for climate change is being won, but what about the much greater challenge of converting the groundswell of public concern into behavioural shifts that are of real practical value? What new EU policies are needed?

The liberalisation of European gas and electricity markets is designed to stimulate competition and bring prices down, but doesn’t that risk sending the wrong message to consumers? How can low CO2 cleaner energies be better promoted, and how should they be priced? Is the EU’s energy efficiency action plan, as presently conceived, likely to succeed in changing the habits of European citizens.
From Friends of Europe

The 3rd Annual Obesity Europe Conference

In June this year, delegates from across the EU will again gather over two days for the 3rd Annual Obesity Europe Conference, to engage in a pro-active and progressive debate on the current and future trends relating to obesity and nutrition within Europe.

The framework for the event continues to be the current regulatory landscape and this year there will be a fresh look at not only the various actions being taken by the EU Commission, industry and NGO's within the context of policy implementation and scientific innovation, but also the fundamental importance of the social and environmental perspectives that impact upon consumer's abilities when making various lifestyle choices.