Monday, June 25, 2007

Rich Nations Accused of Green Imperialism on Climate Change

From The Irrawady

Chen Feng, the chairman of China Hainan Airlines, said "now is not the time" to fix blame but to create an international solution, noting that the West was the original polluter when its industries were ruining the environment 100 years ago.

"So the way I see it is, you (the West) were robbers and bandits before you became right-minded people," he told the discussion.

Ralph R Peterson, the chairman of a US management, design and construction firm, said Asia's economic growth path appears unsustainable because of high and inefficient energy consumption that contributed to pollution.

He said Southeast Asian nations produce 11 percent of global output and use 21 percent of world oil. China's output is 5.5 percent of world gross domestic product while it uses 15 percent of global energy. India's energy efficiency is o­ne tenth of global average while China's water use per unit of GDP is four times the world's average.

No mention of zǒugǒu
(Running Dog Lackeys)

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