Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Aviation Week to Host Green Aviation Management Forum

The Forum will examine issues of environmental strategy within the aviation industry and explore sustainable solutions, including emissions trading, alternative fuels, and air traffic management.

"Environmentalism has become an increasingly urgent economic and operational imperative within the aviation industry," said Tom Henricks, President, AVIATION WEEK. "AVIATION WEEK's Green Aviation Management Forum will enable participants to become engaged in the sustainable aviation discussion and transform their green policies from a corporate responsibility to a core business principle," he added.

Press release from McGraw-Hill
From the conference website:

Did you know?

“Every minute by which that we can shorten flight time saves 62 liters of fuel and 160 kg. of carbon emissions. The U.N. identified a 12% inefficiency in global air traffic management. That's a $13.5- billion bill for wasted fuel and 73 million metric tons of unneeded carbon emissions.”

— Giovanni Bisignani
Aviation Week & Space Technolog

If I were invested in this industry I would be very nervous.

From EurekaAlert:

Too little scope for development in today's aircraft technology
New technology can do much to improve certain aspects of aviation in terms of sustainable development over the next fifty years, but this will be nowhere near enough to compensate for the expected growth in air travel. This is the view of researcher Alexander de Haan, who will receive a Ph.D. at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands on Wednesday, June 27 for his research on this subject.

...From the perspective of sustainability, therefore, technological advances will certainly not be able to keep pace with the rapidly increasing demand for air travel over the next fifty years. This is even the case in the scenario with the lowest growth rate. De Haan predicts that the demand for air travel will at least double during that period.