Friday, June 29, 2007

Oh Canada? Russia eyes up a frozen asset

According to Russia's media, the geologists returned with the "sensational news" that the ridge was linked to Russian territory, boosting its claim over the triangle, which contains 10 billion tonnes of gas and oil deposits.
From the Sidney Morning Herald

The Canadian Navy's website says:

"The fleet is, ton for ton, as modern and capable as any fleet in the world."

Here's the fleet.

Update I was making a point with the naval reference, remembering that the Canadians had to rent airlift capability (Canada's tsunami response "amateur," CARE chief says) for the 2004 Tsunami relief effort, prompting this Senate committee report: WOUNDED, Canada's Military and the Legacy of Neglect

If the UN is quoted correctly in this Guardian headline:

Darfur conflict heralds era of wars triggered by climate change, UN report warns

Things are going to get very ugly.