Sunday, March 3, 2024

CORRECTED—What Happened To Société Générale's Albert Edwards?

Correction: had a duplicate of the first tweet, replaced, sorry, regret the error.

I stopped by Mr. Edwards' eXtwitter feed (as a non-member of the platform it is a pain in the butt to do) and saw a couple of his February communications:


Thinking to myself, "Albert, Albert, what happened?" Those thoughts/posts are so milquetoast that I could have posted them. And have, at least in the case of reverse-repos, a half-dozen times.

Where is the Albert from the days of yore: 

“Investors think this is a sweet spot, but it is in fact
 a putrid boil that has not been properly lanced”

Which garnered the prestigious Climeateer Line of the Day in 2009. So long ago that the source link has rotted. But which was fortuitously saved at the Internet Archive.

How far we have fallen.

If interested, we used some of our Albert headlines as the outro from his Outlook for 2022 missive.