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"Judge rules Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto: Report"

But you knew that.*

From CoinTelegraph, March 14:

Wright is not the pseudonymous founder of the Bitcoin network, a judge ruled on March 14. 

Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of the Bitcoin network, according to Judge James Mellor's ruling in the United Kingdom on March 14, reported BitMEX Research. 

Closing arguments began in London on March 12 in the lawsuit brought by the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) lawsuit against Wright, an Australian computer scientist who claimed to be Nakamoto since 2016.

COPA was seeking injunctive relief to prevent Wright from further claiming to be Nakamoto. Wright has been accused of massive document forgery for supporting his claim of being the pseudonymous Bitcoin founder. According to COPA’s closing submission:

“Dr. Wright has been shown to have lied on an extraordinary scale. […] He has invented an entire biographical history, producing one tranche after another of forged documents to support it.”

The trial began on Feb. 5. Wright had offered to settle the case out of court on Jan. 24, but COPA declined....

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He is not Satoshi.
As the man says on TV: Craig, what's in your wallet?*

See our first rule for identifying members of Phi Scamma Jamma which says (the introduction to 2013's "How to Spot a Hedge Fund Fraudster"):

Bombast. In my experience they are all bombastic.
And stripper poles. You would not believe the number of stripper poles that crooks collect....
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Now throw in some cosplay and my work here is done.
Jemima Kelly writing at FT Alphaville:

He’s not Satoshi, he’s a very naughty boy....

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