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"California bullet train project needs another $100 billion to complete route from San Francisco to Los Angeles"

 From KCRA-TV, Sacramento, CA, March 13:

As the state faces economic headwinds, California's mega high-speed rail project between San Francisco to Los Angeles also faces major funding hurdles, the project's CEO Brian Kelly told state lawmakers Tuesday.

Kelly testified in front of the State Senate's Transportation Committee on the High-Speed Rail Authority's updated draft business plan. In Tuesday's hearing, Kelly told lawmakers the project has $28 billion dollars on hand, but noted it was still a few billion dollars short to complete the Central Valley segment between Merced and Bakersfield. Depending on how long the segment takes to finish, it could cost between $32 Billion to $35 Billion. Kelly said the project is hoping to fill the gap with federal funds. That segment of the project is expected to be fully operational between 2030 and 2033, Kelly said....


October 2023
"Indonesia Launches China-Backed 'Whoosh' High-Speed Railway"
Meanwhile, in California the big high-speed rail news is more money from the big guy:
California high-speed rail project scores $202 million federal grant. Here’s what it will pay for

October 2022
France Tried To Warn California That The California High-Speed Rail Plan Was A $100 Billion Farce

We've been posting on the massive grift and fraud that is the California HSR for many, many years. The New York Times just did a feature on the project that is not nearly as hard-hitting as it could be, being disingenuous from the headline on:

How California’s Bullet Train Went Off the Rails

It was never "on" The Rails, a fact that was pointed out over a decade ago.

However, to their credit, the Times writers and editors included this vignette: 

....The state was warned repeatedly that its plans were too complex. SNCF, the French national railroad, was among bullet train operators from Europe and Japan that came to California in the early 2000s with hopes of getting a contract to help develop the system.

The company’s recommendations for a direct route out of Los Angeles and a focus on moving people between Los Angeles and San Francisco were cast aside, said Dan McNamara, a career project manager for SNCF.‌

The company‌ ‌pulled out in 2011. “There were so many things that went wrong,” Mr. McNamara said. “SNCF was very angry. They told the state they were leaving for North Africa, which was less politically dysfunctional. They went to Morocco and helped them build a rail system.”

Morocco’s bullet train started service in 2018.....

There you have it, North Africa is less politically corrupt than California. Just amazing.

And the Governor of California wants to be President of the whole country.

January 2022
California’s High-Speed Rail Went From a $33 Billion Project to the Single Largest Public Infrastructure Disaster in U.S. History
Here are a couple posts from 2011:

"California High-speed Rail Costs Triple to $100 Billion (and it will be arriving late)   

California High Speed Rail: The Man Who Predicted The Cost and the Delay

And some editorializing on the first bit of track to be laid: 

High Speed Rail: "Texas Central Railway intends to build a Houston-Dallas line with private money."

Of course the builders were able to pick and choose where they wanted to run their first line, unlike California which was forced by God to run their choo-choo from Bordon to Corcoran, a 65-mile stretch that will cost a minimum of double the $4.15 Billion estimate.
Borden to Corcoran?*
Okay, God had nothing to do with that routing of the West Coast disaster, that was all California High Speed Rail Authority.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for high-speed rail, it's just that in the U.S., in every single instance the promoters have been lying scum.
Every single time.....

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*From the San Jose Mercury News 20Dec2010:

And a couple dozen more. I apparently have a fascination for train disasters, just not of the Gare Montparnasse variety: